How would you define organic chemistry?

Sample interview questions: How would you define organic chemistry?

Sample answer:

  • Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and synthesis of carbon-containing compounds (organic compounds). These compounds are based on a carbon backbone that can contain hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, and other elements.
  • Organic chemistry is a diverse and complex field that encompasses a wide range of topics, including:
    • The structure and bonding of organic molecules
    • The properties of organic molecules, such as their solubility, boiling point, and melting point
    • The reactions of organic molecules, including their reactivity, selectivity, and mechanisms
    • The synthesis of organic molecules, including the development of new methods for preparing organic compounds
    • The applications of organic chemistry in a variety of fields, such as medicine, materials science, and agriculture
  • Organic chemistry is a challenging but rewarding field that offers many opportunities for employment. Organic chemists work in a variety of settings, including universities, government laboratories, and industrial research and development departments.
  • To be successful in organic chemistry, it is important to have a strong foundation in general chemistry and physics. Organic chemistry is a quantitative science, so it is also important to have strong math skills. Fin… Read full answer


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